Access to healthcare

  1. Raising money to fund additional theatre sessions per week with the aim to operate an additional +-50 extra cases a year


  1. Annual meeting for board members
  2. Enable visiting surgeons the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience and new techniques with local doctors
  3. Development and hosting of web based sessions with specialists from across the world to discuss complex cases
  4. Development and hosting of web based tutorials where specialists and experts from around the world can engage and present to local doctors


Information still to be added here.

Parent information and support

  1. We have aligned ourselves with the Paediatric Cardiac Society of South Africa (PCSSA) to offer information and support to parents, relatives and families who have children that have congenital heart disease.
  2. Raising money and sponsorship to fund parental accommodation while their children receive the much needed medical treatment

Projects coming soon!

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