The Foundation aims to:

  • 1.

    To build on the legacy of the pioneering spirit with which Christiaan Barnard introduced cardiac surgery on the African continent

  • 2.

    To promote access of South African children in need of cardiac surgery to centres of excellence and to support the collaboration with such cardiac surgical programs

  • 3.

    To promote the public importance of the surgical programs Christiaan Barnard has established for children with heart disease at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and thereby to support the expansion and optimal function thereof

  • 4.

    To promote through interaction with the global cardiac surgical community the furthering of cardiac surgical skills and strategies of relevance to children on the African continent

  • 5.

    To develop and implement fundraising events and activities to generate resources for the achievement of the foundation`s objectives and for long term sustainability

Continuing the legacy of Prof. Christiaan Barnard, the foundation will work to support children with congenital heart disease

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